120+ Best ChatGPT Prompts to Boost Marketing Performance

Since ChatGPT was launched in November 2023, more and more marketers have been trying out AI in their work. They're figuring out the best ways to use ChatGPT prompts for marketing.

Right now, studies show that 69% of marketers use ChatGPT for their tasks. This AI tool is super helpful for making content and organizing creative work because it's great at understanding and generating natural language.

For example, marketers can use ChatGPT to create content, edit things they already have, go through documents, help with sending emails, and get advice on marketing strategy and best practices.

In this article, we'll check out 120 useful ChatGPT prompts that marketers can use in 2024.

Best ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing

ChatGPT could be like a Swiss army knife for marketers, automating different parts of the creative process. It can help with generating ideas, planning, and even editing pre-written content and copy. Here, we'll showcase some top ChatGPT prompts for marketing situations.

1. Content / Copy Creation

ChatGPT is an effective content creation tool, used to generate content from scratch including articles, blog posts, UX copy, product descriptions, video scripts, and other content. Here are some ChatGPT marketing prompts for you to experiment with:

  1. Generate 5 topics for a blog article on [INSERT THEME/TREND]
  2. Write 10 headlines for a blog on [INSERT TOPIC]
  3. Write a blog post on [INSERT TOPIC]
  4. Create a blog post outline on [INSERT TOPIC]
  5. Give me a list of SEO keywords I can use for a blog on [INSERT TOPIC]
  6. Write a meta description for a blog post on [INSERT TOPIC]
  7. Generate a template for a blog post on [INSERT TOPIC]
  8. Create a header image for a blog post on [INSERT TOPIC]
  9. Produce an image I can use for a subheading on [INSERT TOPIC]
  10. Check this blog for spelling and grammatical mistakes [INSERT TEXT]
  11. What are the best books on SEO best practices?
  12. Tell me 10 SEO best practices to use in my writing
  13. Give me a list of 10 facts I could use in an article on [INSERT TOPIC]
  14. Generate 5 call to actions for a blog post on [INSERT TOPIC] promoting [INSERT PRODUCT/OFFER]
  15. Create a response to this blog comment [INSERT COMMENT]
  16. Generate a list of 5 FAQs on [INSERT TOPIC]
  17. Give me a list of the top [INSERT TOPIC] trends
  18. Tell me how this blog post could be improved [INSERT TEXT]
  19. How could I make this headline catchier [INSERT HEADLINE]
  20. Write a brief summary of the following article [INSERT TEXT]
  21. Product a list of pros and cons for [INSERT TOPIC/PRODUCT]
  22. Create an audience personal for an article on [INSERT TOPIC]
  23. Translates the following features into benefits [INSERT FEATURES]
  24. Write me a product description on [INSERT PRODUCT] with [INSERT FEATURES]
  25. Create 5 concept for a YouTube video on [INSERT TOPIC]
  26. Generate a script for a video ad that advertises [INSERT PRODUCT]
  27. Draw up a press release announcing [INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT]
  28. Shorten this copy [INSERT TEXT]
  29. Rephrase the following content [INSERT TEXT]
  30. Give me a list of 5 sites I could link to for an article on [INSERT TEXT]

2. Email Marketing

Chatbots like ChatGPT can help your email marketing specialists by generating email body text, subject lines, outlines, and call to actions on-demand, enabling them to promote your brand better. Some email marketing prompts for ChatGPT to help you build effective email campaigns include:

  1. Write me a cold email promoting [INSERT PRODUCT/PROMOTION]
  2. Create 5 email subject lines for [INSERT TOPIC/PROMOTION]
  3. Generate an email template I can use to reach out to sponsors
  4. Produce a brief email pitch for a guest posted article on [INSERT WEBSITE] on [INSERT TOPIC]
  5. Draft an email promoting a holiday sale for [INSERT PRODUCT] on [INSERT HOLIDAY]
  6. Give me 5 call to action prompts I can use in an email promoting [INSERT PRODUCT/PROMOTION]
  7. Create a follow-up email for the email pasted below [INSERT TEXT]
  8. Tell me how I can improve this email’s conversion rate [INSERT TEXT]
  9. Draft an email encouraging the recipient to opt in to our newsletter
  10. Generate an email promoting the following webinar [INSERT WEBINAR/OFFER]
  11. Create an outline for my email newsletter on [INSERT TOPIC]
  12. Share 10 email copywriting best practices I can use to increase conversions
  13. What are the best books on email copywriting?
  14. How can I optimize emails for mobile users?
  15. Tell me how can I stop my emails hitting the spam folder
  16. Suggest 5 tools I can use to help improve my email marketing strategy
  17. Personalize the email below to meet the needs of this customer persona [INSERT EMAIL COPY/CUSTOMER PERSONA]
  18. How can I measure the performance of my email marketing campaign?
  19. Proofread this email for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes [INSERT TEXT]
  20. Shorten this email [INSERT TEXT]
  21. Rewrite this email in an informal/formal/professional tone [INSERT TEXT]
  22. Tell me how A/B testing can improve my email marketing
  23. How can I build my email list and increase my number of subscribers?
  24. Create a response to this customer complaint [INSERT TEXT]
  25. Generate an informal welcome email for new subscribers to our email newsletter
  26. Write an email to re engage an inactive customer with [INSERT PROMOTION/PRODUCT OFFER]
  27. Create a 3-part email sequence to onboard new customers
  28. Tell me how I can improve my email subject lines
  29. Give me a list of tips on how this email could be improved [INSERT TEXT]
  30. Developed a personalized email offer promoting [INSERT PRODUCT] for [INSERT CUSTOMER PERSONA]

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media is an invaluable promotional channel for enterprises. Using generative AI chatbots like ChatGPT can help to create content for social media posts, descriptions, and captions across platforms like X (Twitter), Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Get some new SMM ideas by using the following ChatGPT prompts:

  1. Give me 10 ideas for a social media post on [INSERT PLATFORM] about [INSERT TOPIC]
  2. Create a social post promoting [INSERT PRODUCT/OFFER]
  3. Write me a double line spaced LinkedIn post on [INSERT TOPIC]
  4. Suggest 5 call to actions I can use on LinkedIn to promote [INSERT PRODUCT/OFFER]
  5. Create a social media post promoting [INSERT PRODUCT]
  6. Suggest 5 concepts for an Instagram post on [INSERT PRODUCT/OFFER/TOPIC]
  7. Suggest 5 captions for my an Instagram post about [INSERT TOPIC]
  8. Write a response to this users comment [INSERT TEXT]
  9. Create a LinkedIn post promoting our upcoming webinar on [INSERT TOPIC]
  10. Tell me how I can generate more leads on social media
  11. Draft a post promoting a contest or giveaway on [INSERT OFFER] that encourages them to like and comment to enter
  12. Create an image I can use for an Instagram post on [INSERT TOPIC]
  13. Produce a poll on [INSERT TOPIC] we can use to increase engagement on [INSERT PLATFORM]
  14. Give me ideas for a social media contest I could use to promote engagement on [INSERT PLATFORM]
  15. Create a Facebook ad promoting [INSERT PRODUCT/SERVICE/OFFER]
  16. Generate 5 ideas for a YouTube video on [INSERT TOPIC]
  17. Produce an image I can use for a YouTube thumbnail image on [INSERT TOPIC]
  18. Write a caption for a YouTube video on [INSERT TOPIC]
  19. Craft an X (Twitter) post on [INSERT TOPIC]
  20. Draw up 5 tweets I could write about [INSERT TOPIC]
  21. Give me a list of hashtags I can use for an X post on [INSERT TOPIC]
  22. Create an X poll on [INSERT TOPIC]
  23. Provide me with 5 ideas for a video on TiKTok promoting [INSERT TOPIC/PRODUCT/OFFER]
  24. Create a script for a TikTok video on [INSERT TOPIC]
  25. Produce 5 TiKTok captions for a video about [INSERT TOPIC]
  26. Give me 5 hashtags to use to promote a TikTok video on [INSERT TOPIC]
  27. What are the best books to read on social media marketing for [INSERT PLATFORM]
  28. Tell me the top 5 books to read on social selling
  29. What are some best practices for marketing on social media?
  30. Write me a bio for my brand on [INSERT PLATFORM]

4. Market Research

Market research is another area where generative AI can be a serious force multiplier for marketers, enabling them to get new insights into customer preferences and needs. Learn how to facilitate your market research with the list of ChatGPT prompts.

  1. Give me x key trends in [INSERT INDUSTRY]
  2. Tell me who my main competitors are in [INSERT INDUSTRY]
  3. What differentiates my competitors in [INSERT INDUSTRY]
  4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this competitors branding [INSERT COMPETITOR]
  5. Make a table summarizing the top 5 brands in [INSERT INDUSTRY] and their strengths and weaknesses
  6. Create a buyer persona for customers in [INSERT INDUSTRY]
  7. What are the main pain points of customers in [INSERT INDUSTRY]
  8. What products and services could I offer to customers in [INSERT INDUSTRY]
  9. How can I find out more about customer preferences in [INSERT INDUSTRY]
  10. What drives customer purchasing decisions in [INSERT INDUSTRY]
  11. Create a survey to give to question customers about their preferences in [INSERT INDUSTRY]
  12. What are the top 5 books on market research?
  13. How can I segment my target audience?
  14. Draft a questionnaire I can use to understand how our customers perceive our brand
  15. How can our brand better reach millennial and general X audience in [INSERT INDUSTRY]
  16. What does this study reveal about consumer presences? [INSERT TEXT]
  17. Summarize this studies in 3 paragraphs [INSERT TEXT]
  18. Help me to define my brand’s tone of voice to reach [TARGET AUDIENCE] in [INSERT INDUSTRY]
  19. Give me some ideas on a high-level marketing campaign I could use to reach [TARGET AUDIENCE] in [INSERT INDUSTRY]
  20. Summarize the following customer review and suggest ways we could improve our service [INSERT TEXT]
  21. What are the best courses on marketing?
  22. Create a graph showing [DATA POINT] from [START DATE] to [END DATE]
  23. Tell me how [INSERT website] is performing
  24. What is this web page’s value proposition [INSERT TEXT]
  25. Can you tell me what market research KPIs I should track [INSERT INDUSTRY]
  26. How can I measure my overall brand awareness?
  27. Detail consumer attitudes about [INSERT PRODUCT/TOPIC/INDUSTRY]
  28. What are some unaddressed customer needs in the following market? [INSERT INDUSTRY]
  29. What pricing models can I use for [INSERT PRODUCT/SERVICE/INDUSTRY]
  30. Create me a template for a customer persona [INSERT INDUSTRY]

Getting the Best Results Out of ChatGPT

While ChatGPT is an undeniably effective tool for enhancing your marketing, there are some simple steps we recommend taking if you want to get the most out of it. These include:

1. Be Detailed

Add as much contextual information about your product, industry, target audience, and tone of voice as possible. This will help ChatGPT to generate an output that matches your needs. If you don’t capture all of this context in the first prompt, ask follow-up questions and add more details until you’re satisfied with the result.

2. Fact-check the Results

ChatGPT has a tendency to hallucinate and make up information. This means it’s important to fact-check all the output that it produces, so that you don’t end up with any inaccuracies or misinformation in your content.

3. Add a Human Touch

Lastly, always remember to add a human touch to your marketing. The bulk of creative direction around your brand and its tone of voice should come from your perspective as a marketer. ChatGPT is thus best used to streamline your creative process rather than replace your creativity.

The Bottom Line

Putting some time and effort into writing detailed ChatGPT prompts and fact-checking the output, you’ll get valuable insights and save time and money for creating engaging marketing content. Educate and equip your AI assistant with all the relevant information to get the best results and help you reach your marketing KPIs and grow your business.


How to write ChatGPT prompts for marketing?

Writing effective ChatGPT prompts to support your marketing activities will require some practice. Start with the following:
1. Be specific and concise in your ChatGPT marketing prompts.
2. Outline the form, size, length, and structure of the response you need.
3. Highlight the language and style that aligns with your brand’s tone of voice.
4. Test different prompt variations to optimize the result.
5. Incorporate key product/service features in prompts.

What is the best AI tool for marketing?

Some of the most popular and effective AI tools for marketing include: JasperAI, CopyAI, Rytr, Writesonic, LookaAI, ShortlyAI, PictoryAI, WordAI, Scalenut, and Describely.

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