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Lesson LinkConcepts TaughtLearning Goal
00Course Introduction - How to Take This CourseTech setup and course structureSetting you up for success while learning in this course
01Introduction to Generative AI and LLMsConcept: Generative AI and the current technology landscapeUnderstanding what Generative AI is and how Large Language Models (LLMs) work.
02Exploring and comparing different LLMsConcept: Testing, iterating, and comparing different Large Language ModelsSelect the right model for your use case
03Using Generative AI ResponsiblyConcept: Understanding the limitations of foundation models and the risks behind AILearn how to build Generative AI Applications responsibly
04Understanding Prompt Engineering FundamentalsCode/Concept: Hands-on application of Prompt Engineering Best PracticesUnderstand prompt structure & usage
05Creating Advanced PromptsCode/Concept: Extend your knowledge of prompt engineering by applying different techniques to your promptsApply prompt engineering techniques that improve the outcome of your prompts.
06Building Text Generation ApplicationsCode: Build a text generation app using Azure OpenAIUnderstand how to efficiently use tokens and temperature to vary the model's output
07Building Chat ApplicationsCode: Techniques for efficiently building and integrating chat applications.Identify key metrics and considerations to effectively monitor and maintain the quality of AI-powered chat applications
08Building Search Apps Vector DatabasesCode: Semantic vs Keyword search. Learn about text embeddings and how they apply to searchCreate an application that uses Embeddings to search for data.
09Building Image Generation ApplicationsCode: Image generation and why it's useful in building applicationsBuild an image generation application
10Building Low Code AI ApplicationsLow Code: Introduction to Generative AI in Power PlatformBuild a Student Assignment Tracker App for our education startup with Low Code
11Integrating External Applications with Function CallingCode: What is function calling and its use cases for applicationsSetup a function call to retrieve data from an external API
12Designing UX for AI ApplicationsConcept: Designing AI Applications for Trust and TransparencyApply UX design principles when developing Generative AI Applications
xxContinue Your LearningLinks to continue your learning from each lesson!Mastering your Generative AI skills
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