Google Chrome 64.0.3282.186 Full Standalone Offline Setup Installer for Windows / Linux / macOS

Google will usually come up with the best of it when it comes to any area it’s entering. When released on September 2, 2008, the first version of the Google Chrome browser was a very weak browser that had many problems, but did not overlook the problems and offer new and different features long before reaching the top of the world’s best browsers. Extremely fast speed in the execution of the program and loading pages, attractive interface, full coordination with a variety of technologies and … were the ones that made Chrome a lot more popular than other browsers.

Features of Google Chrome Browser:

– Exceptional integration of Google search with the address bar (word recognition and completion before the search)
– Very high speed of initial software execution
– Simplicity and at the same time user interface attractiveness
– Stability of the program even if you open so many pages
– Having a large number of application extensions
– Ability to install and enable or disable plugins without having to restart the software
– Has an internal PDF reader
– Ability to save pages as PDFs without the need for a plugin
– Has built-in flash player

Google Chrome Browser Tips:

– There are no experimental versions of the program and only endorsements are presented.
– There are four official versions of Chrome releasing, one as an online installer, and three other types are offline, with the difference that there are two options for auto-update, and the other is not possible, versions that can be automatically updated with two The exe and msi formats are provided so that we have an exe version and an offline version without the ability to update.
– From version 37, the first 64-bit stable version has been released, both versions being presented separately.

Chrome will also be updated shortly after the introduction of the new Adobe Flash Player, to upgrade to the latest Flash Player.

– This browser does not have an internal RSS reader unlike Firefox.

Installing the typical version is Silent Installation, and it’s done just by running it.

If you are connected to the Internet and run an auto-update version, it will check before installing the latest version and, if available, download and install it.

Google Chrome Offline Setup

[exe] Download Google_Chrome_64.0.3282.186_Full Standalone Offline Setup Installer for Windows_x64 [64 Bit] :

Google Chrome for Linux & macOS

Download Google Chrome for Linux – deb :

Download Google Chrome_for Linux – rpm :

Download Google Chrome for macOS :

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