How to Share Blogger Posts to Social Media Automatically

How to Share Blogger Posts to Social Media Automatically -

Blogger is a free blogging platform where you may get started. However, there are some drawbacks to this CMS, such as the lack of an option to automatically share your blogger content on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. But don’t worry, we’re here to assist you with this. This tutorial will show you how to automatically share your Blogger blog posts to social media platforms.

What are the benefits of sharing blogger posts on social media platforms?

Everyone is on social media in today’s digital world. You recognize its potential and can’t afford to overlook it as a means of attracting more visitors to your website.

On Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, you can create your own account or dedicated pages for your business. Also, share that website with groups that are comparable to your company or an audience that would be interested in your product.

Following the creation of a page and the acquisition of some followers, it is necessary to provide them with content on a regular basis. It’s also critical to distribute all of the blog post banner links on social media. So that the page’s followers don’t miss any of your website’s chances.

How do I automatically share Blogger blog posts to social media?

There is no simple way to share blog content from Blogger on Facebook. Initially, the blog feed can be linked to Twitter, and Facebook can be linked as well. However, Google disabled this feature in 2019.

We can now use Zapier, a third-party tool, to help us. This service is free for the first 100 blog articles per month. This feature is also available on other blogging platforms.

You must first create a Zapier account and then log in. You can also create an account on Facebook, Microsoft, or Google.

automatically-share-blogpost-in-blogger -

You can now begin developing a zap that will connect your blog article to your social media platform.

automatically-share-blogpost-in-zapier-rss-feed -

For future reference, write down Zap’s name. After that, choose the Trigger that will start our event. You have to search RSS By Zapier.

automatically-share-blogpost-in-zapier-choose-event -

This RSS feed from Zapier is also available through the Blogger blog. We’ll now use it to automatically share your blogger articles on social media platforms.

  • Select Trigger RSS by Zapier’s
  • Trigger Event: It will allow us to pick when our zap should take action. 
  • A new window will open, Continue you to enter the Blogger blog’s RSS feed URL
  • The RSS feed for a Blogger blog can be found at /feeds/posts/default.

A new window will open, asking you to enter the Blogger blog’s RSS feed URL. The RSS feed for a Blogger blog can be found at /feeds/posts/default.

rss-feed-setup -

You’ll be taken to the trigger setup window after clicking continue. You must enter your blog’s RSS feed URL in this window. 

Click the continue button after giving an RSS feed, as seen above.
Obtain the RSS Feed URL: The feed URL will be if your blog’s URL is The feed URL will be in the instance of Blogger’s custom domain name

By clicking on the plus(+) icon, you can now connect as many social network accounts as you like.

How to automatically share a Blogger post to Facebook.

You can choose action on Trigger after you’ve set up a trigger event for a Blogger blog post. To set the Trigger’s action, click the plus (+) sign.

The Zapier action window will appear, allowing us to set an action event. We need to share our article on our Facebook page, so we’ll choose “Facebook Pages” from the drop-down menu.

select-facebook-page-in-zapier -

Following the selection of Facebook Pages, you must select the event that will take place on the Facebook Page. We want to share our blog article on Facebook, and then we’ll set up an action event page like this.

automatically-share-Blogger-blog-posts-in-facebook-page -
  • Choose Facebook Pages as an option.
  • Action Event: Create Page Post to create a new post whenever we publish any content on our Blogger blog.
  • Click on Continue.

To publish the Blogger blog post content, you must choose your Facebook account and the specific page.

share-blogpost-in-facebook-page -

You must provide content that you want to share on social media in the setup section. These options are critical; choose carefully.

  • Choose a Facebook page with a certain audience.
  • The message of the post: It should be content
  • Link URL: It should be a link of the post fetched as a Link Alternative from the RSS feed.

You can continue to test the trigger event by using the Continue button. Zappier will now share your new content on social media anytime you upload it.

Share Blogger blog posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms

You can share your Blogger blog post on Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms listed on Zapier in a similar way to the above.

You must select Twitter after establishing a Zap Trigger event for the RSS feed. We chose Facebook in the last example, and now we’ll choose Twitter.

  • Choose Application: Twitter
  • Action Event: Create Tweet
  • Select your Tweet account.

This is the most important element of the Zapier setup; you must provide all values accurately in this section. The above values will show in the bar automatically. You must locate and select the correct value.

  • Message: Provide a Link Alternativecontent, and associated hashtags in the message section.
  • Enable shortened URLs to be used.
  • Continue working with Zapier and put the module to the test.
automatically-share-Blogger-blog-posts-in-twitter -

You’ve created a Zap for Twitter and Facebook that works perfectly. Remember to switch on these Zaps.


This article explained how to automatically share your Blogger blog posts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We used the Zapier service because there isn’t a straightforward way to post social media content.

I hope you enjoyed this article; if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comment box below.

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