GBInstagram v1.30 - (GBInsta & GBInsta Plus) - Best Instagram MOD - Latest APK

GBInstagram & GB Instagram+ Plus 1.30 - (GBInsta & GBInsta Plus)

GBInstagram & GB Instagram+ Plus 1.30 ( GBInsta & GBInsta Plus ) GBInstagram v1.30 - (GBInsta & GBInsta Plus) APK - Best Instagram MOD - Latest APK

Instagram is a Simple Way to Capture and Share the World’s Moments. Follow Your Friends And Family To See What They’re Up To And Discover Accounts From All Over The World That Are Sharing Things You Love. Join The Community Of Over 500 Million People And Express Yourself By Sharing All The Moments Of Your Day––The Highlights And Everything In Between Too. GBInsta Contains Download Feature And Direct Share URL. 2 Instagram Account in One Devices. GBInsta PLUS is A Modded Version of Instagram for Android, Contains Download Feature and Direct Share URL.

What's new in 1.30 + GBInstagram & GBInstagram?

* Add new themes to your theme 
* Add new options to change the theme screen 
* Add new options to change the notification screen theme 
* Fix white line appearance on the home screen 
* Sign in via Facebook (uninstall Facebook and then log in to the extranet and then install the application) Facebook) 
* Other fixes

Features of the GB Instagram 

Customise the app:- In GB Instagram, you can customize the app as like you want. By going through the Accounts >> GB setting, then you will see the customization of header and chat.


This modded application of Instagram allows you to change the themes as you want. Currently, it was in alpha stage so that it will be out soon. Even you might notice the feature on GBwhatsapp which was created by the same developer.

Copy comments 

Sometime you may feel that comment is awesome by looking your friend’s comments. In that case, you will able to copy that comment if are you using this.
Copy bio 

Some of your friends placing some best words in the biography section. If you want to copy those words, this application will help you.

Dual Instagram 

Yep you heard it right you can use dual WhatsApp on all android devices. Because of this modded app having a different package name. This will run along with the original Instagram, or you can use the Gbinstagram+.

Copy/Share URLs 

When you want to share the videos or images URLs to your friends. This feature will be helpful. You can share the URLs of the particular video or image on other social networking sites too.
Translate Comments 

You might notice this feature mostly in facebook comments. This would be significant when you want to read the other language comments.

Zoom profile Pictures 

Now, you can able to zoom the profile pictures by pressing and holding the images. You can’t-do this with the Original Instagram. For this, you need to download the external app.
No Ban Issues:- Many people might think that they would face banning issue while using these kinds of mods. In fact, there is nothing happen to their accounts. It’s free and safe to use.

Root is not Required 

This modded application doesn’t need root access to do its work. So, you can use on both non-rooted and Rooted device undoubtedly.

Download Videos and Images 

There are many methods out there to download Instagram stories. But you can’t find the way to download the videos or images from the app without root. By using this app, you will download those without any trouble.


One of the Major advantage of the GBInstagram. It will get the updates as per the Original one, and you will get extra features everytime they update the app.

Added Preview for Videos/Images

This feature added in the latest update version GBInstagram 1.20. You can play videos external Video player as like the GBWhatsapp feature.


- Both APK can be installed on one devices
- if you want 2 instagram, install GBInsta first then GBInsta Plus
- if you want only 1 instagram then install GBInsta only

How to Install

1. Download the APK given here
2. Delete/Uninstall the other instagram app you have installed
3. Install the modded APK

4. Enjoy

GB Instagram Download Link [APK]

(GBInstaPlus) GBInstaPlus+ v1.30- [Size: 39.7 MB]

Note:- Need to uninstall the original Instagram

Link > Dailyuploads | | |

(GBInsta) GBInsta v1.30- [Size: 39.7 MB]

Note:- Need Not to uninstall the Original/Current Instagram

Link > | | Dailyuploads| |

How to download from - Click here

What is GBInstagram?

It is a two-program, a copy of the official instagram and a copy to run a second account based on the latest version of the application and supports all the android devices in addition to other features.

What features + GBInstagram & GBInstagram?

* Possibility to download pictures and videos 
* You can upload photos and videos from Alsturi 
* Possibility preview images and play videos your operator without saving device 
* the ability to share / copy images links and videos 
* add many options to change Theme (colors) conversations screen and conversations 
* You can copy comments 
* You can translate comments into your own language 
* You can zoom in on personal photos and publication photos by holding on to them 
* Full click support for links in the program (posts - comments - inside the conversation) 
* Add an option to play audio with video automatic 
* can Copies Albaao (Description) 
* You can find out who follows (Enter the person 's file for any person you will find the word that follows it follows)

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